Looking for Watch manufacturer for Sevenfriday Replica Watches’s Band

This is Orsi from the UK, I’m with a small company called DORSYA LONDON LTD.

I’m looking to find Sevenfriday Replica Watches suppliers who can manufacture for me WHITE MESH STRAPS for Sevenfriday Replica Watches!!!
Feature: White Mash Straps
Gender : Female
Look forward to hear all the details
Thank you!

Here’s H-TIMES watch Ltd.We’re experienced in manufacturing, and OEM/ODM watches!Sharing some pictures with you, hope you know more about us.
Look forward to your quick reply!

Please find attached how I would like my WHITE PLATED / or PAINTED MESH STRAP to look alike. So basicly is white as a paper!

Please let me know if you can do The strap for Sevenfriday Replica Watches or not in this white color?

Logo is : DORSYA, I want it laser engraved in the buckle.

Thank you,

Sorry, 100 pcs may be difficult for us to make it, the price of 100 pcs Sevenfriday Replica Watches is the same as 300 pcs. Because we need to consider the production cost.

I understand. Can you do a quick design to see how it would look? in white? before I order I must see a photo of it. Basicly I want to be like the other mesh straps, stainless steel, 1.5cm wide,interchangeable starps to be compatible with Daniel Wellington style watches. Lenght aroung 21.5cm or a bit longer.

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