Cusotmized Sevenfriday Replica Watches with details from USA importer

We have now selected a few Sevenfriday Replica Watches suppliers that we would like to get to know
better. In order to do this, we would like you quote, and hopefully
produce some Sevenfriday Replica Watches prototypes for us. This is so that we will get some
material to base our future design and strategy decisions on, but also
to test you as a supplier, and see what kind of quality Sevenfriday Replica Watches you can produce.

In total we would like you to produce material enough for 4 Sevenfriday Replica Watches.
And we would like you to assemble two of these. Besides this, we would
like you do produce a number of extra dials and dial rings. We would
also like you to quote us for a number of standard hands, dials as
well as leather straps. In the list below I will not include any
sealing or other standard components, but please include these in the
price for the 4 watches.

After the RFQ I will get back to you with what two versions that we
would like to have assembled, but it will be one Quartz movement
Sevenfriday Replica Watches, and one automatic.

For a detailed list of what we would like you to quote for, please see
the RFQ list. Please note that details information regarding the
different types of dials/boettes etc can be found on their respective

I am already assuming that you will have problems aquiering the
correct wood veneer for some of the dials Sevenfriday Replica Watches. Please use the sample
images on the drawing as a guide for the visual appearance that we
would like. One thing that is important is that it is real wood and
that it from a species that can be found in Scandinavia Sevenfriday Replica Watches. (alder, elm,
ash, aspen, birch, beech, oak, pine, spruce, hazel, maple, larch).

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