How to Authenticate Sevenfriday

How to Authenticate Sevenfriday Can be observed through the transparent back bottom the work fully automatic mechanical movement and automatic pendulum tuo, decorated with sevenfriday replica signs in the dial 6 o ‘clock position of the “three small needle” seconds dial design is also one of the sevenfriday replica with highlight, so small complex subtle device appeared at the Swiss beauty since 1934 degrees in sevenfriday replica many watches and highly appreciated. Polished PVD coated stainless steel case with a diameter of 38mm. The waterproof depth is 50 meters. New belem sai li series 2118 limited “in the past, present, and future” trilogy of wrist watch with elegant atmosphere Cordura ? fabrics (du pull test fabrics) decoration on the surface of the leather strap, strong and durable, collocation is inscribed with 100th Anniversary (100 Anniversary) of PVD black black stainless steel sign and PVD plated stainless steel buckle folding sevenfriday replica, but also to watch the whole add modern fashion temperament.
How to Authenticate Sevenfriday

Switzerland beauty degrees of belem sai li series “in the past, present, and future” trilogy to watch of wrist of 2118 limited, is a brand the bold imagination and confidence for the future expected of a perfect show, specially for the occasion of the 100th founding anniversary of the brand and special present. The wristwatch is equipped with a fine watch box with a limited release of 2,118.
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Technical parameters
The machine core metadieta 2825-2 fully automatic machine core, 11 1/2 ‘, diameter 25.60mm, thickness 6.60mm, 25 drill, 28,800 times of swing/hour, NIVACHOC shock absorber, NIVACOURBE, NIVAFLEX NO mainspring, NIVAROX II gossamer. Elaborately carved delicate grade machine core, automatic pendulum to carve the Geneva ripple and sevenfriday replica logo. The time of time and the “little three pin” second display at 6 o ‘clock. Three directions adjust the accuracy of the walk. Can reach 38 hours of kinetic energy storage.

How to Authenticate Sevenfriday :Watchcase polishing PVD plated black frosted 316 l stainless steel watchcase, 38 mm in diameter, 3 layer casing design, double anti glare plating coating sapphire glass sevenfriday replica mirror, transparent back bottom observable work fine level movement, inscribed “Limited Edition XXXX / 2118 (Limited XXXX / 2118)” the wording and serial number, waterproof 50 meters deep.

Strap Cordura ? fabrics (du pull test fabrics) decorative leather strap, PVD plated black 316 l stainless steel buckle folding sevenfriday replica. The PVD plated black stainless steel label inscribed with the word “100th Anniversary”.

Dial bituminous coal gray mercerized surface plate, polishing scale.

The needle stamping process of the full leaf shape of the hand and minute hand. Small second hand of red light lacquer coating.

On the 100th anniversary of sevenfriday replica Switzerland.
How to Authenticate Sevenfriday ,On November 11, 1918, on the day of the armistice, George Schaeren, the experienced master of genius, chose to create the Swiss watch on this day. From this very symbolic date, the meter has never stopped looking forward with a confident outlook, and always with the foresight of the founder. In 2018, Switzerland beauty degrees of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the anniversary, continue adhering to the aspiration of George ? salon. On this rare day, the brand introduces a new chronometer, reaffirming the core value of the centenary of the Swiss beauty sevenfriday replica: timeless design, optimized materials and innovative technologies.
Today, the Swiss watch is based in the small town of lilock in the center of the Jura mountains in Switzerland. The name “sevenfriday replica” comes from the Spanish “Yo sevenfriday replica”, meaning “I measure”.
Since the inception of the brand, the brand concept of Swiss beauty sevenfriday replica has been dedicated to integrating innovation and design aesthetics with superior functionality. Beauty always adhere to the degree of brand design inspiration from the famous buildings, and has set TAB leading art, excellent automatic mechanical movement and the unique advantages of high quality material at a suit. Besides, the design of simple and neat lines gives the Swiss beauty a meaningful and lasting impression. The Swiss beauty watch never goes with the stream of fashion and fashion, but is unique in its classic character.
In its centenary, the Swiss beauty watch has become the trademark of the Swiss watchmaker.How to Authenticate Sevenfriday?

It has more than 2,700 official retail outlets in more than 70 countries around the world, and is also a member of the world-renowned watch maker and distributor, the Swiss swatch group.

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