Sevenfriday Replica LED Touch screen watch

The Sevenfriday Replica touchscreen watch can now be divided into two categories: the touchscreen watch phone and the most common LED touchscreen watch.

Sevenfriday Replica
Sevenfriday Replica

A watch phone like an MP3 player is launched by Britain’s sWaP company: sWaP Rebel’s touchscreen watch phone. SWaP Rebel looks just like an ordinary digital watches, but in fact it is equipped with a lot of mobile communication function, it has a front-facing camera, built-in FM radio and MP3 players, support video playback. Support bluetooth function, lift the back cover can deposit a SIM card, the phone built-in 240 mah lithium battery, support the standby time, of course, not too long, but enough to use, the price of just $300 of mobile phones.
But the touchscreen watch is not technically mature yet, and the watch has a bigger look, and the screen is a little less satisfying. It’s also a lot more expensive than the phone, which can be charged just once a day. So few people use it now.

Sevenfriday Replica Touch screen watch principle is: the time of IC control light LED lights, time adjustment is a principle of line connection is through the touch screen control IC, have each generated when the touch touch control (1: the time adjustment 2: date adjustment) principle. The details of the data are designed to look at the product effect to design the layout (the principle involves 1: appearance 2: function).
All LED touch-screen watches are capacitive. First of all, watches are to be waterproof, if not waterproof, the practical effect will be poor. The structure of the capacitive touch screen is mainly on the glass screen layer coated with a layer of transparent film, again in the conductor layer plus a protective glass, double glass design can completely protect the conductor layer and the sensor.
The LED touchscreen watch is the most common touchscreen watch. There are many famous watch manufacturers that produce this kind of touch-screen watch, such as the shuttle.

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