Sevenfriday replica ,the dream of flying never to fade

Flying, a in the diction of words is just a dream, more than one hundred years ago as the Wright brothers’ plane fly, flying human dream into reality step by step, for the people of the new century and even developed a new figure – paraglider, wing outfit flight, skydiving… You must have envied the freedom with Sevenfriday replica, the recalcitrant flight home, and the uneasiness of dreaming away from the crazy dreams.

sevenfriday replica

Type 20: flight dreamer’s guardian angel
“Father” of air France bleriot world-famous for a sucessful itself the English channel, but such a challenge has a great risk, triggered concerns over flight safety instrument. Aviation flights are extremely demanding for wristwatch instruments, and in the 1930s, those stringent technical targets were named after TYPE 20, which became the standard for aviation instruments. The real force was one of the first manufacturers to make airplane instruments, and the pilot series TYPE 20, named for its pilots, was one of the few honorary members of the flying instrument temple. Bleriot, who overflew the channel in 1909, was wearing a true force of the early 20th century when the TYPE 20 wristwatch challenged the English channel. In the thick fog and wind, it can only rely on wrist watch and visual instinct to judge the route. He was the first man to fly on the international sea.

The “father of aeronautics”, blerio and blerio, all of the early 20th century’s true forces, the pilot Type 20 aircraft wristwatch
True force time new Type 20 wrist watch: “fly” out “color” posture
This summer, what a force when tabulating factory continue to pass on their devices making solid and reliable, the features of accurate, four-color pilot series TYPE 20 special edition watch, each mark on blue soaring journey flight adventurers. The size of the wristwatch is the first in the industry to be suitable for both men and women, with a dial diameter of 40 mm, which is suitable for any wrist, and the powerful air of the force is instantaneous in the wrist. Besides color, true force new original have advocated a classic personality do old color, make the TYPE 20 series of special edition going with colorful color restoring ancient ways, Burgundy red, mustard yellow, khaki, green and blue, a successful capture style is the favour of followers. As the only Pilot, the TYPE 20 special edition of the Pilot’s wristwatch is a good one. At the same time, from the professional characteristic of the aviation pilots watch, this watch also has a large luminous digital display with grain style dial, the pointer firmly located on it, to ensure the best readability. The large, broad-looking crown “onion” on the side of the shell is also a classic design of the pilot’s wristwatch, allowing pilots to adjust their time while driving across time zones.

The pilot series TYPE 20 special edition wrist watch, 40 mm, reference price: RMB 42,900
When true force, together with du shao fei, invite you to share the beautiful scenery
The true power of the sky challenger, the pilot TYPE 20 series of watches has been passed down to the present day, and the dream of human yearning to soar into the sky has not faded. On the occasion of the new Type 20 release, hope to come to those who have the courage to challenge again, when really force people break through the self, and looking for a tacit understanding partner, on behalf of the modern urban male fashion, the Internet opinion leader pioneer “Du Shaofei”. Recently, THE real power joint Du Shaofei, jointly launched “THE AVIATOR flight home” activities, covering online filling and offline to share, to invite and sky become attached to THE “flying dreams”, graphic contribute to share their experiences in high altitude try or suddenly feeling. If your story is compelling enough, the truth is that you and du shahefei will take you to the clouds in a helicopter with you and your heart.
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