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As a special breed in the clock world, the two stitches are easily perceived as “boring” by those who have just touched them.Without the rhythm of the second hand, the atmosphere of the whole dial of the two needles becomes more and more static.It’s like the game of the wooden people we’ve all played, and when they’re looking up, the two stitches are stagnant, and if the silk isn’t moving.Then, when they turn around and do something else, they run in the “dark” over time.After a while, they’re “stiff”…Unless it’s time to stare at the pantry, you can’t see the minute hand, the hour of the minute, the “small action” of the beat.This is in contrast to the three stitches, without the lively and dynamic dial, which is of course insipid.

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Few days ago, as a result of an opportunity coincidence I with two needle sevenfriday replica┬ábecome attached to, when wearing the watch also produced the same feeling as above, only in the next time you watch the wrist watch is aware of this watch is moving.So, this interesting argument arises, in this age of time and efficiency, how can the two stitches that feature “slow” be present?

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Tracing back to source, it is actually a pioneer of three needle design
World’s first pocket watch: nuremberg eggs
The hands are the important objects in the clock, but the small clock at the beginning of the birth is not as powerful as the modern one.Based on the technical limitations of The Times, let alone the precision of the second, the small clock even minute accuracy is short of, so in the entire history of the clock, only a pointer indicating time, when the meter, is the famous “egg” nuremberg – now known as the world’s first pocket watch.Later, after the change of our times and the development of science and mathematics, horological technology improved, new type of escapement system to further improve the precision, clock finally can show the minutes and seconds, and three had two needle design, and the process lasted for about more than a century to complete.The two stitches, which initially represented a leap forward in the accuracy of the clock, showed the scientific achievements of an era.

Sometimes, slowing down time is also a kind of beauty
Compared with three stitches, the charm of the two stitches is that the time that is slowed down is pure and extremely simple.At the same time, it is also a reflection of the philosophy of life, sometimes the tension of the nerves can be counterproductive, the more haste, less speed.Compared with the fast-paced life, we need more time to slow down and savour the beauty of leisure.When faced with two stitches, our hearts tend to be calm and everything returns to the beginning, showing “slow” beauty.Face life with low profile, humility and poise.So say, the medium of two needle table, have certain age and experience of person more can understand.This slowed down time is pure, minimalist, and a gesture of life.

The appearance is more contracted, can highlight the theme more
After “throwing away” the second hand, the two stitches show a more minimalist design.As a time of seeking simplicity, people often think of it as a kind of lifestyle that is highly regarded as a way of life.The more delicate, the more contracted, the more precious.At the same time, the part manufacturability of wrist watch will also adopt two needle design, because of the appreciation of the process of this kind of watch is greater than the present of time, here, the motion of the second hand seems to be a “block” keep out the line of sight, so some designers simply to be removed from the disk, highlight the process design of the clocks on depicting two sevenfriday replica for these watches also provides a broad play space of art creation.

The two needles can reduce the thickness of the clock effectively, and the design of the clock is thinner
Like the development trend of electronic devices, the history of mechanical timepieces is also propelled by the complexity and simplicity.In addition to the special “small three stitches” and “eccentric disk”, most of them are designed with the same axis as the wrist watch.Compared with the machine core of the three pin table, the core of the two needles is easier to make thin.Three concentric needle movement, whose hands trajectory with three different heights, need three sizes and are made up of three gears with different parallel space, although in our eyes, the size of the micro mechanical and space is small, but for its own accounts for a larger space.Like two stitches, the device, which removes the second hand, reduces the thickness of the device by one millimetre or so.
Unceremoniously pragmatic, simple and not simple
Without a second hand, it means that the smallest unit of time is missing.There is no denying that this is the short board of the two stitches.But if compared three needles wrist watch wearer to work to send every minute counts, so wear two clocks will be situation, informal pragmatic, for the time will not too demanding, but can the approximate accuracy.

This, in turn, is particularly important because of the loss of seconds.So the brand that makes two stitches, although occasionally does not use the second function, but its own accuracy requirement never give up.This gives the two wrist-watch unique life, is truly contracted and not simple style embodiment.
Summary: two needle sheets, with their mature and refined style of interpretation of life, with a simple and not simple style to show the different connotations of mechanical timepieces.Although lose the “rhythm” of the second hand, but in exchange, it is in the wrist from the inside out and out of the low-key, modest and steady feeling.It is precisely this kind of moving spirit that makes it a unique classic design of the clock world today.In this sense, the two stitches are not “boring”, and are full of lasting appeal, so that they can savor its quiet beauty.The two stitches are “slow”

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