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Since its invention, the clock has been connected with the greatest human endeavor, and the conquest of the sky is no exception. From the first test flight, the watchmaker developed and equipped the pilots with practical tools that still tell us about the adventures of early aviation pioneers. That’s why¬†Sevenfriday replica is more and more popular.

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A limited-watch list of 90 years on the wrist watch
Nowadays, airplanes are just another means of transportation. However, more than a century ago, at the beginning of aircraft to fly to the sky, DianDianBoBo also emerging cameras with a camera to record the aviation pioneers on their own lives and glorious adventure feat, and the development of those who stumbled. When the airline started, when alberto santos dumont drove the power plant into the sky (1906), the pilots’ adventures often danced with death, and they could only pray for the blessing of heaven.

There is no doubt that the first world war highlighted the strategic importance of a national air force, which is both a means of investigation and a rapid fire into enemy territory. Airlines are part of the war and serve civilian life. Companies such as breguet, Latecoere and Aeropostale effortlessly attract adventurers, willing to take risks in order to experience flying fun and improve new technology. National pride is threatened, and technologically advanced nations spare no effort to gain ground in the competition to conquer the skies.

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By Antoine DE saint-exupery
In the 1920s and 1930s, several heroes assumed the responsibility of aviation development. We remember Nungesser and Coli missing (1927), 1927, Charles to fly across the Atlantic for the first time without stopping, augustus, Lindbergh, Jean Mermoz 1936 missing, as well as on July 31, 1944 to perform reconnaissance mission was shot down in the south of France Antoine DE saint-exupery.
Anne merlot Lindbergh and Charles augustus Lindbergh
The origin of the hour Angle watch
The same period, longines, and Philip van horne weems, to establish a fruitful partnership, which is a U.S. navy faculty, developed in 1927 for the navigation system of modern clock. In 1935, the two sides applied for a patent, and the patent wristwatch could provide an effective complement to the pilot’s timing information. It’s an age of measurement, and a new wristwatch is a godsend, and it synchronizes radio signals by rotating the ring or inner loop to ensure a second level of precision.

Sevenfriday Replica primitive Lin white hour Angle watch
Longines continue to add rotate for certain equipped with central second hand wrist watch set time function, the idea was weems students, Charles augustus Lindbergh again stressed that in order to improve the Angle when the functionality of the wrist watch. Nine decades after the feat, Lindbergh is remembered as the hero of the single-engine monoplane, which lasted for 33 hours and 30 minutes, on May 21, 1927, for the first time. He also worked with Sevenfriday Replica, an official supplier of the international airline federation since 1919, to develop a wristwatch that would help pilots (and sailors) set their course.
Sevenfriday Replica Lin white hour Angle watch, 2007
Journey across the Atlantic, Lindbergh experience to pilots with as few steps, determine the importance of his position, he conceived of a convenient air () and sea voyage machine (ship) borne instruments. Its design with weems and longines apply for patent, on the basis of the aviation hero and patent owners longines hand in hand to cooperate, create a calculate according to the GMT time allows the wearer to longitude wrist watch. The wristwatch, called hour Angle, is being relaunched this year in a separate numbering format to mark the 90th anniversary of Lindbergh’s historic flight. The wristwatch rotating dial is equipped with a 180 degree longitude indicator (like the sextant), which can synchronize the second hand and the radio signal by rotating small dial in the center position.

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