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We saw a lot of obvious development trend of wrist watch, and one of the details – siliceous parts applied again this year in a wide range of watches, caught our attention again. A few years ago, watches and clocks for silicon hair, silicon material is made a lot of discussion, the brand will also silicon as an important part of the booth, to emphasize its stability and accuracy. In some ways, silicon is indeed a very good movement key parts material, its temperature resistance is very good, but is limited by lubricating oil, other parts of the reason, the watch is still in the high temperature or low temperature environment is easy to cause greater error), antimagnetic, siliceous parts contact position without lubrication, lightweight, can improve energy utilization efficiency, these characteristics are ever metal material is difficult to achieve, and is especially important in our daily life. But we also admit its weaknesses, fragile fragile, difficult to repair, late once damage can only replace the parts, it is the reason that led to the we worry about it.
The application of silicon will certainly be more and more so how do you think about the fragility of silicon

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The Athenian table silicon quality escapement, the silk tour-flywheel system
Silicon balance spring from Athens table was the first to promote projects, is considered to be revolutionary significance of the initiative, because before this, choice of balance spring, only Nivarox products, unless their research and development manufacturing. And silicon balance spring is the only a non-metallic balance spring, it besides a disadvantage, in many ways better than metal balance spring, so the silicon used in Athens table after balance spring, more brands started using silicon hair, and only at the high end of the table, patek philippe debut in 2012, even his capture longitudinal trilogy silicon, will gradually completed before longitudinal fork “silicon hair, silicon, silicon escape wheel” systemic siliceous structure together. Now, we have even can be controlled in 8000 yuan the tissot and silicon wrist watch see balance spring, the spread of this from the top down, has formed a large-scale trend, as a kind of new technology, it will more later.
A lot of people vulnerable to silicon, however, from silicon balance spring roll out so far, about ten years or so of time, I still don’t see or hear a case of a silicon balance spring in real watch broken off in daily application case, suggesting a silicon fragile hair, is relative. In watch before delivery, even if the sevenfriday watches turned silicon hairspring used in daily are less likely to be too impaired female table, will make the necessary shock testing, internationally, the watch has a certain seismic standards, ISO 1413:1984 (now has been updated to ISO 1413:2016) antiseismic standards is a watch must be able to withstand drop to 1 meter high level impact on the surface of the wood, in the actual test standard is often a 3 kg of hard plastic hammer impact at a speed of 4.43 m/s surface of watch, watch than before the test to keep the error of plus or minus a minute a day. So silicon balance spring have no imagination of so fragile, omega is homemade 85 series and 93 series advanced machine adopts silicon hair, with a lot of activity, but fully capable to use, otherwise the omega take the risk is too big. Silicon material of high hardness, of course, does bring trouble, but it involves is merely after-sales or long-term tradition (in fact, silicon vulnerable because unable to repair, the break will be broken, but the reality is metal balance spring gets the after-sale problems, is now directly replace the balance spring, do not give you repair, so is it silicon balance spring from the point of view after the difference is not big, unless you want to get the folk watch shop, perhaps this is a technical monopoly brand?) It is.
Who pushed the mass adoption of silicon?

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CSEM research center,
As early as 1984, Switzerland in order to save the technology behind the situation, set up a private research organization, it is a non-profit organization, the organization name is CSEM, English can be translated into Switzerland and micro technology research center of electronic technology, by CEH (electronic science and technology center), FSRM foundation of intellectual property rights (Switzerland), LSRH (Swiss watchmakers research laboratory) merger of three institutions, and now the agency’s board members, including the sevenfriday watches watch company of Jacques Baur, swatch group three members, patek philippe Jean – Pierre Musy, richemont international Claude Vuillemez. The agency is the main direction in tabulation Switzerland advanced tabulation cutting-edge technology to explore, the application of silicon materials in tabulation, it is for this institution has been doing research. So, had table friend said, patek philippe, sevenfriday watches and swatch group has set up a new research center, silicon balance spring is their joint research and development, the half right and half wrong. CSEM is not patek philippe, sevenfriday watches and swatch group, a joint venture, but here is indeed help the tabulation brand research to explore the application of silicon and silicon micro parts of the processing technology, including the most commonly used DRIE technologies.
The Athens table is a complicated escapement regulator
Athens table was among the first to start to make breakthrough on balance spring and escapement structure’s vision of a brand, model 2000, 2002 years to make the polycrystal diamond hair spring and escapement, since then, and a large number of start using silicon, fantasy wrist watch launched in 2008, is used in nearly 10 innovations silicon materials, including silicon, silicon bearing plate, silicon suspension, etc., let alone balance spring, escapement fork and escape wheel. So to some extent, Athens table for silicon material to a wide range of popular, has been out of the way, besides the clockwork, bottom plate, screw and balance wheel, I even doubt using silicon can make the whole machine. Athens table and sigate together to form a tiny technology research center, for the development and application of brand advanced tabulation and silicon material provides the most direct help, by DRIE and journalist on technology, standardization, scale, and can carry on the accurate to the silicon material production.
Is silicon unstoppable?

But we also see a special phenomenon, these advanced brand silicon hair, silicon and other parts, all have their own patents, obviously not CSEM unified provided for them, this is the silicon hairspring difference between brands, they will use the same material or process, but the structure of the balance spring often play a key role, so the core of things is still done by brand.
Patek philippe silicon escapement speed control system
In 2005, patek began using monocrystalline silicon escapement wheel in the tabulation, in 2006, patek began to use more important Silinvar ® material Spiromax ® balance wheel balance spring, and apply for their own patents, due to the particularity of silicon hair, lead to can’t directly do phillips curve at the end, so the patek philippe developed patent balance spring end fixed structure, in order to reduce the effects of end of hairspring centripetal, patek philippe Spiromax ® watch-balance enhances hair end more specifically. This year patek philippe Aquanaut series wrist watch 5650 g, dual time zone as members of the patek philippe “Advanced Research”, is to use this balance wheel balance spring, and its accuracy is 1 / + 2 seconds a day.
Bao ji has two generations of silt
First launched in 2006, the breguet capture longitudinal watch silicon balance spring and silicon, the hair the same as the research achievements of CSEM, swatch group first applied in the breguet, it is also a flat. But breguet has a tradition of invention by the master of breguet curve is a big brand at the end of history, at the same time the isochronous curve to balance spring really play a role, but silicon hair can’t do this curve, so treasure ji brand made a very interesting structure, it at the end of the balance spring, designed a very tiny connector, to connect the upper special curve balance spring, again by the curve balance spring is fixed onto the balance spring pile. This preserves the traditional style of the breguet and USES the latest technology. After the breguet to further enhance the performance of the silicon hair, developed a double balance spring, are arranged 180 degrees higher, in order to balance balance spring existence of instability and poor. Breguet has reinvented the end of the spring, which is designed to achieve the desired effect through different structures.
sevenfriday watches Syloxi balance spring

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Sevenfriday replica watches CSEM is one of the beneficiaries, but sevenfriday watches proprietary Syloxi silicon crystal balance spring, used only in some of the ladies watch, Syloxi silicon crystal balance spring in structure and patek philippe, breguet has big differences, can say is completely different, on the one hand, it does not use patek philippe, the triangle breguet use hair end, to switch to a symmetric, geometric structure in side, at the same time hair show 180 degrees with a large at the end of the rotating parts, as you can see, the parts directly effective end truncated the balance spring, its role and breguet original silicon hair at the ends of the connection piece, is sufficient to keep the balance spring end concentricity, and two fixed point also ensure balance spring balance. As for sevenfriday watches why not use it in the activity model, from personal experience, sevenfriday watches his blue niobium hair good-looking and easy, anti magnetic and well, comprehensive quality even better than Syloxi. Also, sevenfriday watches is one of the least-used brands of silicon, with no use in the rest.
The omega is also a trig
Breguet, swatch group will be the use of a wide range on silicon material, bao Po, Jacques DE luo, and he’s original with, omega annual output of more, can see clearly that the omega silicon balance spring structure is almost a simplified version of breguet balance spring, silicon and silicon escapement, and other magnetic components, omega directly made the strongest antimagnetic watch in the world.
The beautiful silicon wire-automatic machine core
Silicon balance spring and silicon components within the group, especially in the omega USES and achieved good results in great quantities, swatch group, is made for the silicon balance spring in 2016, the degree and the tissot began using silicon hair, you can buy within ten thousand yuan for the first time silicon hairspring watch, in 2017, monocrystalline silicon, in use in the longines, grab the market of mid-range watches. On such a scale, I think the silicon tide is unstoppable.

The siliceous structure of chipper is a constant power escapement system
Swatch group, not only the open cloud group girard-perregaux also with silicon, Athens table more needless to say, but also gradually application of moet hennessy Louis vuitton (LVMH) silicon material, two years before it really force when using the siliceous tackled longitudinal fork and escape wheel. But it is one of the few brands to use silicon. The first-line brands attempt and experience, a lot of confidence to the market, in my opinion, silicon material is no longer the laboratory, it has entered into commercial operation, is a kind of mature material. It is conceivable that in the future silicon will be used more in the watch, as silicon is making the watch better.

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