where are sevenfriday watches made

Sevenfriday watches is made in Switzerland since 2012. SevenFriday is a fashionable watch brand. It also translated as: seven on Friday, the moral for a week every day is Friday. It shows a kind of relaxed and comfortable life attitude. With its unique brand concept and product design, SevenFriday has become a global hit, becoming one of the favorite watch brands of young fashionista. There are many young friends in China who like the brand, but know little about the SevenFriday watch. Then let the watch house come and ask you what the SevenFriday watch looks like.

A brief introduction SevenFriday watches
SevenFriday (Chinese name translation seven Friday), by Daniel Niederer founded in Switzerland in 2012, inspired by the CRT TVS, movement for the optimization of system core, a watchmaker, dab hand, become strange. Since its introduction, it has become popular in Europe and the United States because of its excellent design and fashionable appearance. The brand began to enter China in 2013, but there is no single store yet, and it can be seen from the official website that it is now being sold in cooperation. SevenFriday has launched three series, a total of six. A more cool color version will follow. From its design and manufacturing sense, its main customers are middle-aged and young friends between the ages of 18 and 40.

All series of SevenFriday are used in Japan Miyota 82S7 machine, the power store is 45 hours, the core performance is low, the watch price is relatively low. The design of the large dial of 47mm, contracted and retro design reveals the spirit of punk after the industrial age. SevenFriday apart from other dial, five layers dial structure, make sense of the chaos on the vision, bring eyes, derived from the unique design, make each SevenFriday unique visual and sensory wrist watch. The unique design of SevenFriday fits the needs of the wearer for the watch.

Comment 1: it is very hot now, the tide is very good, the quality is good, the price is acceptable, the odds are small. Note also that the day of the holiday has been listed and paid attention.
“SevenFriday watch” is a Swiss brand, but it’s a Japanese one!
“Seven Friday, seven Friday,” he said.
Comment 4: use the Japanese west iron city machine core, the same price can buy a slightly better of the shuttle, beauty, you can imagine how cost-effective it is.
Comment 5: Swiss watch USES Japanese core, not recommended!

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