Sevenfriday replica watches, pretend bility is dye in the wood

About Sevenfriday replica or the old lines, KW factory sf, basic and shop are the same. The same as the material of movement. Both men and women can wear. Whole market only the version of the P3-2, only the real mywood box P3-2.

sevenfriday replica

Latest sf, solid wood seven Friday, P3-2, circle mouth: with imported mahogany counters, CNC carved processing!
As the movement of the same quality with the shop for Sevenfriday replica watches ! Give a shop it is the real thing!

sevenfriday replicas

47 * 47 * 14.5 mm miyota82S7 movement
In today’s watch industry, more and more people tend to choose has a strong personality and fashion sense of wrist watch. Luxury is no longer the most important keywords. In order to cater to young people’s appetite. Stylist is unique, and strive to build recognizable high hour meter works. Small makes up integrate several.It let you have a feeling of high quality watch on Friday every day. Such as is not satisfactory, welcome criticism and corrections. Please pay attention to at the end of the article want to communicate with small make up discussion.

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Today bring seven Friday character watches, fashion and easy, with its ghost horse elf design and strong flavor of youth, to win a lot of young watches fans love, brand named SevenFriday, is trying to express a kind of enjoy life attitude, seven days a week, every day is Friday, and this attitude reflects on the wrist watch, not just as a specially designed for the young man and young brand, watches factory hope that through their own design convey languid is lazy leisurely and comforwatches attitude to life..

sevenfriday replicas

Brand watch of wrist of each type of design is very have personality, whether it’s unusual to use wooden case, or mineral crystal watches mirror, let you can not help but sigh, this very SevenFriday! Lag of the dial design reflects the individuality of brand not too insipid, is different. Character of watches can meet your personality, a carelessly in the Seven Friday’s poison. Some people may feel that it is difficult to identify seven Friday’s wrist watch some time. , in fact, such worry is redundant, imagine if wearing such a wrist watch, talk to you and the people of wrist so unknown between the works of art, the familiar you already know, is a super cool thing.

sevenfriday replica watches

Perhaps many people will think that 47.5 mm large dial design cool fashion. It makes the wrist watch neutral wind, in fact, both men and women, wearing the wrist watch can instantly make you stand out in the crowd. Careful observation, the import solid wood case unique texture bring you perfect visual experience. Brand watch style and it is not much more special, but depend on ourselves recognizable strong design, each style is classic.

A single pointer is shown in minutes, hours of labeling is the biggest bright spot in the watch. Scale of 0 to 4 must be with the smaller number + Numbers together. Such as photos of pointer position between 2 and 3 of the 5, pointer on the location of the circle is just in + 0, represents the time now is about 2:10 points or so, the other at 10 o ‘clock direction is according to the small pane of day or night. 4 o ‘clock direction is small seconds disk setup.

In addition to dial is the pleasure of reading time is not the same as positive, in the design of the watches on the back is also quite special. Not only write watch various size, such as the size of the watches size and watches ear width to the width of the strap, information, the right there is a marked the world map of Japan, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

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