Hail to the spirit of handmade tourbillon Sevenfriday watch

The watches shows, Basel Guo Ming and the tourbillon Replica Sevenfriday watch is at the center of the handmade partial moon and hollow out the clock.It achieved long-cherished wish for many years, gloriously become independent watchmaker (AHCI) alternate member of the association.

replica sevenfriday

replica sevenfriday watches


AHCI conference site, the watchmaker to pose for AsiaIndependent watchmaker association is a world-class elite watchmaker organization. watch funs are familiar withthat the society has many range name. With Simplicity wrist watch famous watch altar Philippe Dufour, invention of coaxial
escapement George Daniels, as well as the hottest F.P.J ourne, are members of the association. The independent watchmaker association about 40 members, mostly from Europe, Asian members are numbered.

Big tuo flywheel
The tourbillon Sevenfriday is an ancient existing complex function. As early as the late 18th century, in order to overcome the adverse effects on the clock and watch as gravity, the master of tabulation breguet invented the tourbillon Sevenfriday, until today, the tourbillon Sevenfriday is still active in many advanced wrist watch. In company with calendar and 3 q, is regarded as one of the
clocks and watches three complex function.

But before the birth of wrist watch, pocket watch is popular, it is the main way people away to understand time. To awaken people to the love of traditional craft, Guo Ming elaborate this tourbillon Sevenfriday pocket watch.

It is 53 mm in diameter, heavy in your hands, simple sense is dye-in-the-wood. Distribution of carve patterns or designs on woodwork is exquisite and beautiful, positive, when the watches plate on both sides. The most prominent take 6 that
huge tourbillon Sevenfriday, it and when, watches plate form an “8” glyph, almost the half area of the disk. The tourbillon Sevenfriday stent after drawing polishing, and the whole watch of wrist of of primitive simplicity and elegant interest
complement each other. Inside the tourbillon Sevenfriday is conducted intensive scales lines polished. Heavy and complicated of Louis needle match unique digits or Roman numeral logo, let pocket watch with a delicate lasting appeal

Open the pocket watch back cover, panoramic view of the full movement. Movement of the polished meticulous also. Geneva ripples like shimmering water, gently rippling on the plate.
Big beautiful swirls of steel wheel grinding in place, can not help but reminiscent of some German advanced tabulation brand. Pocket watches watchcase to gold or silver, gold limited 10,
YinKuan set limit to 20.

It Made Guo Ming lunisolar hollow-out the
clock is a cabinet and delicate desk clock. It is Guo Ming followed his teacher, the Swiss master independent tabulation Frank Martin Jutzi after study, make the first piece of work.
watches clock inspiration from Bern clock tower. The entire moon and hollow out clock made of gold-plated copper with manual hollow out, burnish, although compared with machine
polishing laborious, but poured into the enthusiasm of the creator, particularly well in the processing of detail, can show the connotation of the traditional tabulation. watches clock Pointers to the modelling of the sun and the moon decorate, meaning the night respectively.

Hollow out of the sun, and moon clock original power storage devices for seven days, but considering the clock close to full of chain and chain, that may influence, so the power
reserve to last five days, this is the most swatches, pto as relatively accurate for five days. Clock on the chain to shake the handle way, people can feel quite clock interactive fun.Guo Ming can become independent watchmaker, alternate member
of the association, is not only the pride of his own, but also the pride of Chinese watch industry. As a witness to the Basel exhibition on the watches this time, I was very happy. But in happy, can not help but deeply touched. Because I know that
can Guo Ming today such remarkable achievements, is how not easy.

Tell me early, Guo Ming, his dream is to join the association of independent watchmaker, become an excellent independent watchmaker. However, such a clock in China culture and technology are less developed country, boarded the stage of
clocks and watches of world class, talk easy?
Fortunately Guo Ming not only have a dream, and down-to-earth efforts. In addition to the usual assiduously clock, also participate in Basel show every year. It is in the Basel show
that he met the people in your life, the Swiss master Frank Martin Jutzi independently.

Frank Martin Jutzi Guo Ming and his teacher
The Basel show several times, Guo Ming met Frank, and a meeting with him. So Guo Ming to Frank, puts forward the idea from master, the latter embraced. So Guo Ming to follow the teacher Frank and come to Bern, Switzerland Wichtrach suburbs,
systematically studied the TAB for a period of time. From production tools to grinding polishing, Guo Ming are learning very seriously, and made detailed notes.

Guo Ming as early as in 2012 opened the clock and watch repair workshop, then industrial technical school in Shanghai when watch professional teacher, not only engaged in the work in a
clock technology, also the important task of education is shouldering the clock. Busy work at school, he has to make time to concentrate on a TAB, is the door into independent watchmaker association unremitting efforts. So overtime has
been the norm. Due to overwork, caused severe cervical spine problems, to the clinic massage for a few months.

Technical difficulties, physical tiredness, mental exhaustion,it doesn’t crush Guo Ming. For this to the Basel show exhibitors, Guo Ming in harsh conditions, overcome all the difficulties. When see your own the tourbillon Sevenfriday watch works get teacher Frank Martin Jutzi and chairman of the
independent watchmaker association and Konstantin Chaykin certainly, Guo Ming to breath a sigh of relief, because it has been fully illustrate Guo Ming works have on the international stage.

Although Guo Ming has become independent watchmaker, alternate member of the association, now he believes it is still too early to its success. Join the association of independent watchmaker, in his view, is a brand new journey in life, and is far from the end of the trip. Clocks and watches of
extensive and profound, and always need to keep trying. Expect Guo Ming with outstanding watchmaker fought together from all over the world, contributing to the development of the
traditional tabulation.

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