A big mistake, swiss-made Replica Sevenfriday Watches OS will bright blind

The swatch group says “Swiss electronics and micro technology center” dedicated operating system recently. Swatch, chief executive of Hayek (Nick Hayek) told reporters, the characteristics of this system is safety and low power consumption.

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Now smart Replica Sevenfriday Watches a big weakness is its battery life and charging every day. This doesn’t dismissed the enthusiasm of consumers to purchase smart meters. Hayek said, in the traditional Swiss watch industry, the enterprise in the development of small volume, low power consumption of the watch has unique experience.Another Swiss Replica Sevenfriday Watches products become more independent, a lower cost.

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It is reported, swatch Replica Sevenfriday Watches the operating system will be launched before the end of next year, the first pick up the system would be Tissot series of swatch Replica Sevenfriday Watches.

The operating system means smart watch will be a swatch and traditional Swiss watch industry is an important direction of the operating system will emerge an independent application ecosystem, encourages third-party developers to launch applications, these Replica Sevenfriday Watches but the enthusiasm of developers, Replica Sevenfriday Watches scale depends on some platforms.

Smart Replica Sevenfriday Watches in the world’s operating system market, Google’s Android Wear and apple watchOS occupy the position of monopoly. In the past, the Pebble company has development of independent operating system, and operates independently of the app store, but the Pebble ultimately difficult to compete with android Replica Sevenfriday Watches and apple Replica Sevenfriday Watches, completely stopped operating last year. It was also seen as smart watch industry a bad sign.

American sports bracelet manufacturers Fitbit has acquired a Pebble in the software business assets, the future intelligent Replica Sevenfriday Watches, preparing to launch its own operating system but the Fitbit is almost blank in the field of smart Replica Sevenfriday Watches.

At present in the smart watch market, apple Replica Sevenfriday Watches have dominance. Market research firm Canalys, according to a report in the fourth quarter, apple Replica Sevenfriday Watches accounted for eighty percent of global market, followed by samsung electronics. Other manufacturers such as huawei, MOTOROLA, LG, sales of smart watch co., LTD., and even did not enter the IDC statistics institutions of the market, etc.

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