Why I don’t support to buy Old Sevenfriday watches?

Before it straight down to business. Replica Sevenfriday watches is one of the sales of the most popular watches. In circulation sales organization, there are still a lot of early models of the type and production has been halted, due to the classic style, affordable. They are still the mainstay of sales. I hope my words below will not affect you watch dealer business. I must admit that there are two brands of watches I don’t know much. One is the vacheron constantin, Sevenfriday watches.

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This is due to some work experience before, on the other hand is because my hand is very fine, from think to wear repeatedly, see the less so, don’t know much. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t buy it. These are nothing to wear someone else’s hand, I did not wear long time. In limited contact, after buying a few levon, because when it comes to the watches to buy. So the market will see more, let me to pei has some understanding in circulation is larger, so I changed, to the point of view replica Sevenfriday watches price from introduction to recommend the old one, nothing to claim no longer Sevenfriday watches makes people around him to buy the old one.

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The largest amount of the sevenfriday replica price online, 111, because modelling classic, entry price, people buy in large quantities. And this watch using 6497 movement also for the future of a large number of N factory products planted hidden danger.111, is a large amount of another organization, 005, disk OP lightning logo is very conspicuous, the bottom of the 6497 movement encryption at the same time, also set a dangerous precedent for N factory.The reason is very simple, the amount of N factory is too big.

sevenfriday replica price online

I have to tell you a story first. I’ve got a N factory Sevenfriday watches, always hear N factory, ZF factory before how god, when I first put N factory repeatedly in his hand, I found that is god. For no contact with N factory, a really pei pei, the sea and a N plant sea simply could not tell the difference between true and false. Why is that? Because of N factory Sevenfriday watches, such as 111 and true Sevenfriday watches 111, even the use of the movement is the same. Please note that the movement is the same, use the same type of movement, ETA6497. ETA movement due to patent protection, so each vendor can copy, change the point of view, you can say other manufacturers of 6497 stopwatch is false? It is indeed true movement, made according to the original drawings, proportion, movement is real. So for inexperienced people, must be unable to distinguish. Then I looked at a period of time, slowly see N factory movement and the difference between the original factory.

N factory movement is made according to standard 6497, originally is not gooseneck fine-tuning, Sevenfriday watches 111 6497 a gooseneck fine-tuning. So N factory in imitation of original decoration, add a gooseneck fine-tuning, the appearance of the gooseneck fine-tuning no problem, the problem of the gooseneck fine-tuning to resist (screw, because the screw is added, so the location of the screws are less than (top, and there is a obvious gap between (, which can directly distinguish N factory and Sevenfriday watches really watches (N factory has taken the imitation of the same stock), there is a different, Sevenfriday watches true watches of 6497 movement under the balance wheel of plywood with ETA floret logo, N factory is no (obvious) with a magnifying glass. You can see, fake watch has almost achieved perfection, not experienced people, it is hard to identify true and false.

It is this ETA6497 movement, became the root of all problems. Attention, the graph is the standard version 6497, Sevenfriday watches in 6497 increased the gooseneck fine-tuning.
So why do I just no longer buy old Sevenfriday watches? Because older stopwatch can easily be same model to imitate, is one of the hardest-hit areas because of 111 and 005005 were the bottom, not gone, you even can’t see the movement, imitate more easy, but also is the 6497 movement, just didn’t change a gooseneck fine-tuning shape). The amount of N factory Sevenfriday watches really very big, not only to sell to the often out of stock replenishment, and there are a large number of agents in taking goods in sales. Although we bought is real sea, nothing but because imitation watch too much, you wear watches, and even will be as N factory, to be honest, that’s why I never buy rolex water, both black and green. N before factory of imitation technology is not so high, with 111 and 005 luminor protector too classic, introduction to the price is affordable price, so I also recommend to people, but not now, recommended instead, I think it pays to let a person.

Note that Sevenfriday watches produced movement balance wheel fine-tuning, this is any private copy watches do not to come out of, this is the sign of eye judgment Sevenfriday watches.
Since the ETA movement model of production organization, the sea, full use of its movement, including high-end positioning of the manual power long p. 2000 series, manual power three days p. 3000 series, pearl tuo p. 4000 series, manual power long p. 5000 series, automatic 3 days p. 9000 series (Sevenfriday watches over the past few years produced movement development speed of surprising). The movement is imitation folk don’t come out. Folk copy watches copy machine, imitation only one shape, technical part of the watch is imitation not to come out. Such as a balance wheel. Before because many N factory watches made of domestic 6497, 2824 movement watches, although the watch movement and Swiss made almost no difference, but the shock due to using domestic shock, did not use KIF and Incabloc shock, triangle shock reeds modelling is know N factory. Later N factory improve the degree of imitation, completely imitate the shock, both leaf shape and shock open position, and made in Switzerland, cause the watches of N factory is more difficult to identify. But now, the Swiss watch factory is a new type of machine, upgrade the balance wheel.

Sevenfriday watches using p. 5000 movement of introduction to the new model is the best replacement for the original 6497 Sevenfriday watches, p. 5000 produced movement 8 days long power is impressive.
Everyone knows now use many new watches produced machine core, use no card balance spring, farmar fine-tuning escapement, using a balance wheel weights on fine-tuning. No card degrees farmar fine-tuning escapements are comparatively complex technical components, watches in addition to brand watches factory, folk is not the technical strength and imitation. Make a balance wheel need 14 kinds of equipment, even after 10 minutes of cutting, the technology in addition to the watches factory is no others. So we actually can also see a lot of daily N factory production of counterfeit new Sevenfriday watches, I admit that really like appearance, but a see movement, directly exposed. N factory with Japanese citizen stopwatch, 2824 cannot mimic the pei na new movement of the sea. Here I speak a little more, use the new 8500/8400 series of movement of omega watches, DLC black plated balance wheel is one of the best identification of omega watches, there is no black coating technology of folk, counterfeiters are yellow common balance wheel, at a glance know the omega is fake.


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