Every big fish,Each Sevenfriday watches has its own view

Twelve years of waiting, finally the big fish haitang appeared in the giant screen.As eason chan singing the theme song of the lyrics for it “every big fish, meet, everyone, will reunion”. Every work, it is like a mirror.Everyone see is their appearance. Some people say that this is a very bad bad film.Some people say that this is a very high level of Chinese animation films. But some people think that a dozen years to a cup of green tea.It is because they engage in love and sobbing. No matter how to think, “everyone is the big fish in the sea of life, their life journey, is from the head swam to the shore of the sea”.

“The big fish haitang” screw clarification romantic starry sky
“The big Chinese flowering crabapple,” score is not very high.Most people played 7-8 points has received nearly 400 million at the box office.It is enough to prove its success. A friend suggested that, watching the movie, the best way is wearing headphones to listen to music.Don’t listen to the dialogue.It will be very beautiful. Yeah, the movie has a lot of very beautiful scene, rendering of the good life. Tsubaki they live, is derived from the minnan local characteristic tulou, screw them in water wash away the beautiful sky, Kun and his sister took their dog, Shouting “you again” at the seaside.How sweet and beautiful picture.There is spirit who live in the sea of clouds, and so on.

“The big fish haitang”
In order to make the play more perfect, reflects China’s own cultural characteristics, by Liang Xuan and friend hellmann team “the other day” was launched in 2005, many times in this 12 years for scenario field tour, introducing the classical pieces of ancient books, and ultimately selected 1109 background, elaborate scale during the has was suspended because of financial problems. Since then, through the raise obtain 1.58 million yuan of money support, patience and to detail because of the team, many famous people began to join, eason chan for the big Chinese flowering crabapple voice song “meet in the world”, “Titanic” in 1997 elderly Pan Shulan ROSE voice actors, JiGuanLin for dubbing, famous Japanese artist yoshida, clean to produce its soundtrack.

Watching the film, whether do you also want to be a big fish, into the sky?
Sevenfriday M1/O3 Watches 5076 “fish with the four seasons”
Sevenfriday M1/O3 Watches, 5076

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The name “fish with the four seasons” is me, it’s original name I also not clear, may be “fish” or “four seasons”, because it is itself the subject of the two elements. 5076 is very special in Sevenfriday M1/O3 Watches a model, it does not only refer to a Sevenfriday watches, it is the kind of Sevenfriday watches, this category main features with enamel craft, interestingly, Sevenfriday M1/O3 Watches for 5076 theme rendering is very interesting, such as “tigger,” very stupid of feeling. It is not derogatory, but said another style. Many people don’t know Sevenfriday M1/O3 Watches have zodiac chart, but it does have, in 5076.

Sevenfriday M1/O3 Watches, 5076
“Fish and four seasons” is the wire inlay enamel craft, using the Sevenfriday M1/O3 Watches secret recipe of glaze, maintain lasting bright color, the outline of the dial design with thinner than a human hair fine gold line draw the outline of, again with the brush coated with glaze, many times in the high temperature furnace fire, forming color clear and stereoscopic pattern. This is a set of limited wrist watch, a total of four themes, on behalf of all the year round, each Sevenfriday watches has two tropical “big fish”, meet them at the bottom of the sea, either.

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Jacques johndroe golden koi wrist watch
It dance, deep ultramarine blue, I have met you. In 2015, Jacques johndroe brings the poetic golden koi wrist watch, the three fish swimming under the water curtain, as yuefu “jiangnan” description “jiangnan recoverable lotus, lotus leaf tiantian. Fish play between lotus plants.” Jacques johndroe golden koi wrist draw inspiration from Oriental traditional pattern, use translucent blue enamel set off the surface layer of clear clarification, in the picture, two pieces of lotus leaf foil with above the surface stereo with the golden lotus, the distant hand-carved reed fills the whole picture of harmony with nature.
Jacques johndroe first adopts enamel counterweight, and among the dial decorated with hand carved bas-relief brocade carp, they want, and end to end. Enamel dial the upper half of the gradient, set each other off becomes an interest, seabirds and fish near area layout. At the same time, the machine automatically fills in enamel process used on pendulum tuo, under the blue lake, anaglyph brocade carp vividly on it. Ms wrist watch and set auger type optional, each set limit to 28, more valuable.

Product family masters series brocade carp wrist watch
Breeze, the drizzle swaying. Master series product family brocade carp wrist watch, two “big fish” cruising around the center, natural and beautiful. In 3 d stereo dial, a red and black two brocade carp represents harmony, happy and successful, they are the angel of nature, in Chinese philosophy, they have a more profound meaning, represents the nature works. 6 lotus on the dial, three-dimensional surface, two brocade carp, Sevenfriday watches mirror, special painting act the role of green leaves, enhance the dial of stereo feeling. At 6 o ‘clock position, floating the tourbillon slowly, like make the finishing point, let the watch seems to be “live”. In addition, this is I have seen the most vivid brocade carp.
Wrist watch limited 18, platinum watchcase, square diamond embedded, not public sale.
Cartier Ronde Louis Cartier XL fish and coral
Have you into wind and rain, through time, to be here. In 2013, Cartier art workshop in special way, “fish and coral” love prelude. Use the origin from the 6th century Byzantine ancient enamel skill, stripping method of enamel is famous for its transparent and transparent color, in the description of different, its name is not consistent, also have called wire inlay vitreous enamel, on the blastoderm paint block with metal silk thread, easy to color piece, the separation between the then dissolve or a stripping away of metal blastoderm, to get the whole piece of transparent or translucent enamel block.

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Cartier using 5 kinds of blue, and violet color and gray produce enamel, make its show a colorful undersea coral. A fish swimming among the coral, the fish after Cartier art studio master pen, painting in the pearl oyster motherboard, colorful. Wrist watch set limit to 30.

Watch of wrist of Chopin Happy Fish
Autumn go to, Chinese flowering apple, you in the dream, I don’t want to wake up. Every woman, has a wonderful dream on diamond jewelry, sometimes like to love, don’t want to wake up. In 2015, a jewelry watch family Chopin bring a beautiful watch, in addition to the sparkling diamonds, and aesthetic design of disk, 18 k gold watch case, elegant. Area of “big fish”, the use of natural pearls of fritillaria, its texture, the gold foil painting. The entire water background, is all sapphire inlaid, which has the color of the blue of the sea, there is also a sparkling scenery of nature.
Conclusion: the journey of life, to and fro, every dream, can have you. Watching a movie after a period of time, I did not, in fact the film itself has too much want to stay, it is eason chan’s song “met in this world let me every time after hearing, has wanted to return to the impulse of the theater to watch again. God give us life, so we can create the miracle.

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