Security in diving Tasting the universal Marine chronometer series

When it comes to the Sevenfriday and diving movement is closely related to dates back to the 1960 s. The rising popularity of diving movement prompted the Sevenfriday introduced its first medal in 1967 universal
Marine chronometer watch series, waterproof performance up to 20.It is with rotary watches to display the diving time. Watch today’s home just to bring us a the nations of the third generation is equipped with a
mechanical depth gauge divers wrist watch, the universal Marine chronometer series of deep-sea diver watch number three, models:Sevenfriday M1/O1 Watches .

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Diving for diving enthusiasts, safety is very important.The universal Marine chronometer series wrist watch has been keeping improving in terms of safety performance. Diving safety must be equipped with reliable
and to abide by some basic principle.It is about the life of technical equipment such as diving breathing regulator and depth gauge must prepare two sets. In the process of diving, in addition to pay attention to the depth and has reached the maximum depth and other parameters, also must always be diving time elapsed already, make sure there are enough time to extract the buoyancy, and stay in the necessary depth of decompression. The demand for depth and underwater breathing apparatus, the universal Marine chronometer deep-sea diver watch no.
3 can be used instead.

46 mm titanium watchcase
46 mm titanium watchcase, let whole gold wrist watch to wear on the wrist to reduce a lot of weight. On the premise of guarantee the 100 meters of waterproof, equipped with two diving is special features, mechanical rotating watches inside and outside circle and carry safety diving system and equipped with chase machinery depth gauge needle marks show the maximum depth of 50 meters.

Watch of wrist of thickness is 16.5 mm
Wrist thickness is 16.5 mm, lateral screw-plug with rubber waterproof crown crown for maximum depth pointer above the reset button. Below was for titanium alloy package watches circle system of clutch system.
Rubber strap strong and durable.Black rubber strap durable, can withstand a great deal of tension. At any time and not just in diving, wear
very comforwatches.

The pressure measurement system
This universal Marine chronometer series of deep-sea diver watch number three, its on the left side of the big crown for pressure measurement system, protected by a clamp. Water pressure through the cover pressure
transducer of tiny holes into the system, effect on elastic membrane, thus the shaft rod into the inside the watch case. This pressure by lever system transmission, mobile wrist watch in the middle of the two depth
gauge pointer. In the process of diving, blue pointer display the current diving depth, while the red pointer maximum depth in reached the maximum depth of position, the pawl prevent its return to the original position.

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Titanium metal pin buckle
Titanium metal pin buckle is most suiwatches for sports watches, not easy to fall off after wearing.Ear is equipped with the nations strap quick change system.Watches ear radian nature connected with rubber strap. Ear is equipped with the nations strap quick change
system, but in the case of without tools quickly remove the strap.

Mechanical rotating watches inside and outside circle
The use of reverse rotation circle of diving watches is very simple, usually just turn the watches turns when diving, make the zero calibration on the minute hand on the watches turns, then watch minutes walk after
corresponding rotating bezel on the scale diving can know the time. watches circle consists of multiple components, embedded a sapphire glass collar width is 4 mm, the bottom painted with Super – LumiNova ┬«
luminous coating. Universal Marine chronometer series deep-sea divers wrist watch case no. 3 design turn inner ring, the advantages of both the pointer timely mark dustproof, scratch-resistant and rotational
characteristics of the outer ring is easy to operation.

Clear with night-light display is easy to read
Rod’s instructions, have Super – Sevenfriday M1/O1 Watches coating, even in the deep, still can read accurately.

watches back a fine helmet reliefs
watches back from 5 screws and decorated with a pair of elegant and helmet relief, will be deep 3 wrist watch as a professional diving equipment perfect expression of symbolic meanings. Pick up the nations Cal. 30120 type automatic movement, equipped with date display and have 42 hours of power reserve.Conclusion: as a professional diving watches, carrying two most practical function of diving, universal series
Marine chronometer deep-sea diver three wrist watch is definitely the best choice of the divers, after two generations in the update, let you chose these wrist watches. More than 10 also makes the price of this watch in diving watches category has the very strong competitiveness.

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